Software Consultancy

Are you looking for ways to create better, more maintainable software and deliver it faster? As an experienced software engineer, I help teams and organizations with applying modern software practices and improving their development process. I can help you:

  • Train and coach your developers in using modern software development practices
  • Create software that better fits the needs of your customers using Domain-Driven Design
  • Improve the quality of your software using Test Automation
  • Deliver new features faster by implementing Continuous Delivery and Deployment
  • Refactor and modernize legacy applications into scalable and maintainable solutions
  • Deploy containerized applications to the cloud using Docker and Kubernetes

I also offer in-house training to further improve your team's knowledge about these practices.

Let's get in touch and discover how I can help your team or organization.

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I am a certified PHP and Symfony engineer and have over 14 years of software development experience. I have worked in various domains such as E-Commerce, On-Demand Media, Government, Facility Management, and Education.

What clients say

As a product owner of the development team, I have worked a lot with Nic and I got to know him as a professional software engineer with a lot of passion and experience. Nic is a real team player, a stable force in the team, is pleasant and social, but also critical and honest.
Quality is of paramount importance to Nic, so he will always look for the most future-proof solution, but within the framework of the project and budget. I hope to work with Nic more often in the future!