Software Consultancy

Are you looking for ways to create better, more maintainable software and deliver it earlier and continuously? As an experienced software consultant, I help teams and organizations with applying modern software practices and improving their development process. I can help you with:

PHP & Symfony

As an expert PHP and Symfony consultant I have many years of experience working in the PHP and Symfony ecosystem.


As a passionate DevOps advocate I can help close the gap between development and operations teams, reduce lead time, and deploy changes with confidence.

I also offer in-house training to further improve your team's knowledge about these practices.

Let's get in touch and discover how I can help your team or organization.

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I am a software consultant with over 14 years of software development experience. I have worked in various domains such as E-Commerce, On-Demand Media, Government, Facility Management, and Education.


Zend Certified PHP Engineer
Symfony Certified Developer
Certified Kubernetes Application Developer

Client testimonials


Nic brought the exact knowledge and tools to improve both the Development processes and Technical Architecture that we needed. Also, Nic was a tremendous help with strengthening the Engineering department by improving the hiring process and interviewing a number of candidates. Nic also played an essential role of PHP Guild Master in a group of a couple of dozens of PHP developers, sharing best practices and knowledge among them.
Alexey Trofimov
Head of Technology B2B at Otrium


As product owner of the development team, I have worked a lot with Nic and I got to know him as a professional software engineer with a lot of passion and experience. Nic is a real team player, a stable force in the team, is pleasant and social, but also critical and honest. Quality is of paramount importance to Nic, so he will always look for the most future-proof solution, but within the framework of the project and budget. I hope to work with Nic more often in the future!
Michel Harskamp
Account Manager at Enrise