Agile Coach

As an experienced Agile practitioner and Agile coach I can help you implement Agile in your team or organization, allowing you to respond better to change.

Implementing Agile

Having experience with various Agile implementations, I can help you implement Agile in a way that fits your organization. That might mean adopting an existing Agile framework (such as Scrum, Extreme Programming, or Kanban), but more often it results in a customized workflow where you pick the aspects of various frameworks that work well for you, and skip the ones that don't.

Whichever Agile methodology you choose, it should never be set in stone. As per the Agile principles, teams should regularly reflect on how to become more effective and adjust accordingly. Together, we will introduce regular meetings (often called retrospectives) in order to facilitate continuous improvement.

Team facilitation

As an Agile coach I can help you facilitate meetings (including retrospectives, stand-ups, and other Agile meetings), creating a collaborative space where you can achieve the desired purpose and outcomes.

Nic Wortel
  • English, Dutch
  • On-site (NL only) or remote
  • Single half-day to multiple days per week