DevOps Consultant

As a passionate DevOps practitioner and advocate I can help you close the gap between your development and operations teams, reduce lead time, and deploy changes with confidence (even on Fridays). The DevOps practices go hand in hand with the Agile methodology, allowing you to deliver value to your users as soon as possible.

Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment

Reduce the cost, time, and risk of introducing changes to your software by ensuring that your software can be safely released to production at any time. I have many years experience implementing continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment pipelines using commonly used tools such as GitHub Actions and GitLab CI, and I can help you implement these practices in your organization.

Docker & Kubernetes

Having many years experience working with Docker (both in development and in production) I can help you implement Docker in your development process, choose the right container orchestration tool (such as Kubernetes or Docker Swarm) for your situation, optimize your Docker images, and automate deployments to your production environment.

Nic Wortel
  • English, Dutch
  • On-site (NL only) or remote
  • Single half-day to multiple days per week
  • Certified Kubernetes Application Developer