Hire a freelance DevOps Consultant

As a DevOps consultant I focus on empowering teams to adopt DevOps practices and culture to enhance collaboration, automation, and continuous improvement in software delivery.

The DevOps practices are a set of practices that aim to shorten the application development life cycle and provide continuous delivery of high quality software, by bringing development (Dev) and operations (Ops) closer together. Key DevOps principles include shared ownership, automation, and short feedback cycles. As such, the DevOps practices are complementary to the principles of Agile software development. Hire an experienced DevOps consultant to help implement or improve the DevOps culture in your organization.

Continuous integration

I can help you reduce merge conflicts, integration failures and overhead by introducing continuous integration, integrating the work of developers as early as possible.

Infrastructure as Code

Manage and provision your infrastructure through source code. Let me help you introduce Infrastructure as Code using industry standard tools such as Terraform and Ansible.


I can help you introduce containerization with Docker and Kubernetes, optimize your Dockerfiles, and automate deployments to your Kubernetes cluster.

Why hire me as a DevOps Consultant?

  • 7+ years of experience with DevOps
  • 4+ years of training and coaching experience
  • Certified Kubernetes Application Developer
  • Directly hire a freelance professional - no intermediary commissions
Nic Wortel
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