Software architecture services

Whether building a new software system or expanding an existing one, good architecture is important. Without it, your system will start to become slower and adding new functionality will become more expensive and risky.

Application architecture

I can help you choose and implement an architectural style for your application that results in software that is easy to maintain, such as layered or Hexagonal Architecture.

Distributed systems

I can help you decide if a distributed / microservice architecture is a good fit for you, and help you choose the right integration pattern to allow services to communicate with eachother.

Cloud architecture

Become more flexible and scalable and reduce maintenance by running your applications on public cloud infrastructure. I can help you select the right cloud provider and products for your needs.

Agile software design

Making explicit architectural decisions does not require adopting a waterfall approach. Let me help you adopt agile practices such as architectural decision records in your team or organization.

Consulting approach

As a freelance Software Architect my focus is not on implementation of functionality or providing additional development capacity. Instead, my aim is to improve the software architecture know-how of your team so that they become better at continuously delivering high-quality software. I do this by providing advice, training, coaching, and pair-programming to your team, and by helping you to improve your processes and practices. My goal is always to help the team to become self-sufficient and in the end make myself redundant.

Why hire me as a Software Architect?

  • 6+ years of software architecture experience
  • 4+ years of experience in training & coaching
  • Combine Software architecture with other consulting services
Nic Wortel, Software Architect


I offer Software architecture sessions per hour, half day, and full day. Are you looking for a long-term collaboration? Request a custom quote for a discounted rate.

1-hour session

Fixed price

€ 150 /hour

  • 1 hour to discuss a specific problem
  • Online video call
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Half-day session

Starting from

€ 510 /half day

  • 4 hours to solve a specific challenge
  • Online or at your location (anywhere in the Netherlands)
  • € 650 for on-site sessions
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Full-day session

Starting from

€ 960 /day

  • 8 hours to solve any challenge
  • Online or at your location (anywhere in the Netherlands)
  • € 1100 / day for on-site sessions
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Long-term collaboration

Starting from

€ 900 /day

  • Long-term coaching and guidance
  • Online or at your location
  • Discounted rates
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All prices are excluding VAT.

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