Training Docker

Learn how to containerize your application using Docker. Including multi-stage builds, build cache optimization, and best practices.


  • Introduction to containers and Docker
  • Running an existing Docker image
    • Pulling images from a registry
    • Publishing ports to the host
    • Passing environment variables
    • Mounting volumes
  • Building a custom image using a Dockerfile
  • Pushing your image to a container registry
  • Optimizing Dockerfiles
  • Multi-stage builds
  • Best practices
  • Docker Compose

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About the trainer

I am a certified PHP and Symfony engineer and have over 14 years of software development experience. I also have multiple years of practical training and coaching experience and several government-issued certifications as a trainer.

Zend Certified PHP Engineer Symfony Certified Developer

  • in-company
  • anywhere in the Netherlands
  • available in Dutch or English
  • 2 - 12 participants
  • 1 day