Conference and meetup talks

From time to time you will find me speaking about software development and related topics at user group meetings and technology conferences. Below is a list of talks I've presented in the past as well as talks I'll be presenting at upcoming events:

Making architecture decisions, the Agile way

Agile has replaced waterfall as the standard way of developing software. But how do we make architecture decisions while avoiding Big Design Up Front?

Penetration testing for developers

How do attackers find and exploit vulnerabilities in our code? In this talk we will look at a few tools used by attackers and ethical hackers.

The OWASP Top 10 security risks for PHP applications

In this talk we will look at the latest version of the Top 10 in the context of PHP, and look at how we can mitigate those risks in our applications.

Manage your cloud infrastructure as code using Terraform

Stop managing cloud resources manually. Learn about the benefits of Infrastructure as Code and how to get started with Terraform.

Speaking at your event

If you are interested in having me speak at your conference or meetup, reach out to me by sending an email to