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Using GitHub's fine-grained access tokens with Composer

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When using Composer (the dependency manager for PHP) to download packages from GitHub you might run into situations where you need to authenticate to the GitHub API, for example because you are exceeding GitHub rate limits for unauthenticated requests or because you are trying to download a package that is private. The secure way to do so is by using a personal access token (PAT), a randomly generated...

Continuous deployment to Kubernetes with GitHub Actions

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Two years ago I wrote an article titled Simple Kubernetes deployment versioning to describe how I used bash and envsubst to substitute image tags in my Kubernetes manifests with a unique tag for every deployment. That worked reasonably well, but since then I have started to implement continuous deployment for most projects I work on and my homemade solution quickly became obsolete. I now almost exclusively...

Simple Kubernetes deployment versioning

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I have been playing around with Kubernetes a bit lately, both at work and for some personal projects. In fact, the page you are reading now is served by a Docker container running on Kubernetes. Kubernetes is a complex product and a bit overkill for a simple website like this, but it gives me the opportunity to learn about its concepts in order to use them for more complex projects. One of the issues...

Protect your Symfony application against the OWASP Top 10

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In my experience with software development, security is an aspect of our work that does not always receive the attention it deserves. I have seen many organizations where risks are not properly analysed, and procedures to mitigate risks or to limit the impact of security breaches are not in place. Developers are typically expected to deliver new features, often under the pressure of tight deadlines,...

Building web applications with Make

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Make is a build automation tool originally designed to compile source code into executable programs. However, because it is such a proven, flexible and versatile tool, it is also a great fit for other applications. I have been using Make to automate build tasks for web applications for a few years now with great satisfaction, and in this article I will show some of its interesting features and some...

Using Prism for syntax highlighting with Sculpin

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Update: since publishing this article I have replaced Prism with Pygments, a Python package that is run when building the Sculpin site so that JavaScript is no longer required to view my site. Although this removes the original issue that inspired me to write this article, the solution can still be useful for other people, so I've decided to keep this article on my blog. I have been playing with...

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