Training: Manage infrastructure with Terraform

Terraform is an Infrastructure as Code tool, which allows you to automate the provisioning and management of cloud and SaaS infrastructure. It lets you declare the desired state of your infrastructure resources in files which can be tracked in version control, just like your application code. When you run Terraform and approve the proposed changes, it will automatically create, update, or destroy infrastructure resources to match the desired configuration.

In this training you will learn how to use Terraform and write your own configuration to provision cloud infrastructure.

Target audience

This training is aimed at developers who have some experience with cloud hosting and want to learn how to automate the management of cloud resources with Terraform.


Attendees should have a basic understanding of cloud hosting concepts, and be confident with using the command line.

Learning objectives

After completing this training, you:

  • Know what Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is and what its benefits are
  • Understand the core Terraform workflow
  • Understand how Terraform uses state to keep track of the resources it manages
  • Can find providers in the Terraform Registry to manage various cloud services
  • Can write Terraform configuration to provision cloud infrastructure resources
  • Can connect and manage dependencies between different infrastructure resources
  • Can improve the structure of Terraform configuration by writing reusable modules
  • Can import existing infrastructure into your Terraform state
  • Know how to use Terraform backends to collaborate with multiple developers
  • Have a good foundation to prepare for the HashiCorp Terraform Associate exam
  • Duration: 1 day(s)
  • Level: beginner
  • Location: remote or on-site (Netherlands)
  • Available languages: English, Dutch

About the trainer

Besides a strong technical background in software engineering and experience with Terraform, I have over 4 years of experience in training and coaching high-performing teams. In my workshops I combine theory with practical exercises, to increase the hands-on experience of attendees.

Nic Wortel

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