In-Company Training

Are you looking to increase your team's knowledge about modern software engineering practices? I offer practical, in-house trainings for engineering teams on various subjects, including:


Learn to develop PHP applications based on the Symfony framework and components.

Object-Oriented Programming

Learn how to write highly maintainable and decoupled code, by applying OOP and SOLID principles.

Domain-Driven Design

Learn how to apply tactical and strategic DDD patterns, such as entities, value objects, aggregates, repositories, ubiquitous language, and bounded contexts.

Hexagonal Architecture

Learn how to separate your domain model from infrastructure code by applying Hexagonal Architecture (Ports & Adapters).

Automated Testing with PHP

Learn to effectively write automated tests by combining unit tests, integration tests, and system tests.

Continuous Deployment

Learn how to set up automated deployments of your (web) applications using GitHub Actions as a CI/CD pipeline.


Learn how to containerize your application using Docker. Including multi-stage builds, build cache optimization, and best practices.


Learn how to deploy your application containers to a Kubernetes cluster using pods, deployments, services, and more.

All courses can be given at your company location (anywhere within the Netherlands), can be adjusted to your specific needs, and are available in English as well as in Dutch.

Training can be combined with consultancy to further guide you with the successful implementation within your team or organization.

Would you like to learn more about the possibilities for your organization, or are you looking for a topic not listed above? Let's get in contact and see what I can do for you.

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I am a certified PHP and Symfony engineer and have over 14 years of software development experience. I also have multiple years of practical training and coaching experience and several government-issued certifications as a trainer.