Facilitate Collaboration between Domain Experts and Developers

Domain-Driven Design (DDD) is a software design approach that focuses on the core domain of an application. It is a set of principles and patterns that help you build software that is maintainable and scalable in complex problem domains.

Domain-Driven Design Consulting Services

Event storming

Explore your business domain through a collaborative workshop and build a shared understanding between domain experts and developers. I can facilitate an event storming workshop and guide you through the process.

Strategic design

Focus your development efforts on the part of your software that differentiates you from your competitors. We will identify the core domain of your application and design a strategy to focus your development effort there.

Ubiquitous language

In a complex problem domain, it is crucial for developers and domain experts to speak the same language. By building a ubiquitous language, used by stakeholders as well as in source code, we can avoid misunderstandings and improve communication.

Domain modelling

Let the domain model in your code reflect your mental model and ubiquitous language by applying tactical DDD patterns such as aggregates, entities, value objects, events, and more.

Consulting approach

As a Domain-Driven Design consultant my goal is to help development teams excel in delivering high-quality software. I combine proven training and coaching methods with my experience with Domain-Driven Design to help your team achieve their goals.

Why hire me as a Domain-Driven Design consultant?

  • More than 9 years of experience with Domain-Driven Design
  • 8 years of experience in training & coaching
  • Combine Domain-Driven Design Consulting with other consulting services
Nic Wortel, Domain-Driven Design consultant


Domain-Driven Design consulting sessions can be held at your location or online. I can come to your office in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Amersfoort, Almere, Apeldoorn, Zwolle or anywhere else in the Netherlands. I can also provide consulting services remotely, through video calls and screen sharing.


I offer Domain-Driven Design Consulting sessions starting from a single hour, half day, or full day. Are you looking for a long-term collaboration? Request a custom quote for a discounted rate.

1-hour session

Fixed price

€ 140 /hour

  • 1 hour to discuss a specific problem
  • Online video call
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Half-day session

Starting from

€ 510 /half day

  • 4 hours to solve a specific challenge
  • Online or at your location (anywhere in the Netherlands)
  • € 570 for on-site sessions
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Full-day session

Starting from

€ 960 /day

  • 8 hours to solve any challenge
  • Online or at your location (anywhere in the Netherlands)
  • € 1020 / day for on-site sessions
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Long-term collaboration

Starting from

€ 900 /day

  • Long-term coaching and guidance
  • Online or at your location
  • Discounted rates
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All prices are excluding VAT.

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