Hire a freelance Domain-Driven Design consultant

Domain-Driven Design (DDD) is a software design approach that focuses on the core domain of an application. It is a set of principles and patterns that help you build software that is maintainable and scalable in complex problem domains.

Event storming

Explore your business domain through a collaborative workshop and build a shared understanding between domain experts and developers. I can facilitate an event storming workshop and guide you through the process.

Strategic design

Focus your development efforts on the part of your software that differentiates you from your competitors. We will identify the core domain of your application and design a strategy to focus your development effort there.

Ubiquitous language

In a complex problem domain, it is crucial for developers and domain experts to speak the same language. By building a ubiquitous language, used by stakeholders as well as in source code, we can avoid misunderstandings and improve communication.

Consulting approach

As a freelance Domain-Driven Design consultant my focus is not on implementation of functionality or providing additional development capacity. Instead, my aim is to improve the Domain-Driven Design know-how of your team so that they become better at continuously delivering high-quality software. I do this by providing advice, training, coaching, and pair-programming to your team, and by helping you to improve your processes and practices. My goal is always to help the team to become self-sufficient and in the end make myself redundant.

Why hire me as a Domain-Driven Design consultant?

  • 7+ years of Domain-Driven Design experience
  • 4+ years of experience in training & coaching
  • Directly hire an independent professional - no intermediary commissions
Nic Wortel, Domain-Driven Design consultant
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