Hire a freelance PHP & Symfony Consultant

As an experienced PHP and Symfony consultant I help engineering teams to build scalable and maintainable applications.

Architecture & design

Keep your PHP or Symfony applications maintainable and scalable by following an architecture that decouples your domain logic from the framework and infrastructure code. I can help you to choose the architecture that best fits your needs.

Refactoring guidance

Rewriting your legacy PHP application is often much more costly than iteratively refactoring it to modern standards. I can help you pick the right strategy to modernize your codebase while continuing to deliver value to your users.

Developer coaching

I can help you improve the effectiveness of your engineers by teaching them modern industry standards such as object-oriented programming (OOP), design patterns, test automation, test driven development, and other modern practices.

Application security

Keep your user data safe and protect your applications against common vulnerabilities. I can train your engineers to raise their security awareness and help set up countermeasures against the most common security risks.

Performance optimization

I can help you identify performance bottlenecks with automated load testing. Once identified, I can help remove them by optimizing PHP and Symfony configuration, implementing caching strategies, and handling large jobs asynchronously.

Consulting approach

As a freelance PHP & Symfony Consultant my focus is not on implementation of functionality or providing additional development capacity. Instead, my aim is to improve the PHP & Symfony know-how of your team so that they become better at continuously delivering high-quality software. I do this by providing advice, training, coaching, and pair-programming to your team, and by helping you to improve your processes and practices. My goal is always to help the team to become self-sufficient and in the end make myself redundant.

Why hire me as a PHP & Symfony Consultant?

  • 15+ years of PHP & Symfony experience
  • 4+ years of experience in training & coaching
  • Zend Certified PHP Engineer
  • Symfony Certified Developer
  • Directly hire an independent professional - no intermediary commissions
Nic Wortel, PHP & Symfony Consultant

Client testimonial

Nic brought the exact knowledge and tools to improve both the Development processes and Technical Architecture that we needed. Also, Nic was a tremendous help with strengthening the Engineering department by improving the hiring process and interviewing a number of candidates. Nic also played an essential role of PHP Guild Master in a group of a couple of dozens of PHP developers, sharing best practices and knowledge among them.
Alexey Trofimov
Head of Technology B2B at Otrium
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